Lessons Learned Late

You’d think a woman in her seventh decade of life (yikes, that’s scary!) would have learned about all there is to learn. But evidently not. I know there are some weighty lessons that are so important we need to learn them repeatedly. Trust in God. Pray first. Let go. Those lessons are important enough to relearn whenever necessary.

But those aren’t the lessons that have been on my mind lately. What bugs me are the common sense things that I feel I should have learned long ago. Why is it that a woman in her sixties hasn’t learned:

Never kiss a long-haired cat after generously applying lip balm.

Get your keys out of your purse before putting on a coat of fingernail polish.

Don’t turn the praise music on the radio up so loud that you won’t know you’re scraping the side of the garage with your car as you come in.

Remember that bleach splatters (yes, even splashless bleach), and it will ruin whatever it splashes on.

A watched pot never boils, but a pot left on the stove will boil over if you’re in the other room checking Facebook and someone posted a lot of funny cat photos.

The reusable bags you finally remembered to bring into the grocery store should be handed to the clerk at the beginning of the checkout process, not at the end.

Envelopes mailed without postage will show up in your own mailbox weeks later.

Curling irons are hot enough to burn skin. Thus the name, IRON.

What about you? Any lessons learned late, or that you seemingly never learn, that you’d like to share? Please. I know I’m not the only one…am I?



  1. I’ve learned the hard way–even if you only need two items at the grocery, make a list. I’ll walk out with plenty of things but not the original two I needed.

  2. Thanks for these. I’m still smiling (you have such a way with words!) because I’m so happy that I’m not the only one who has done/continues to make these kinds of mistakes. I have one more to add:
    “After you’ve been grocery shopping, the next time you look for your car keys, check the refrigerator–the inside–next to the milk.”

    • I’ve done that! But have you ever hung your bathrobe in the front closet with the coats? Took me about two days to figure that one out!

  3. Hey Nancy — If you brush your teeth at the last minute before walking out the door, you will have tiny white spots on your shirt all day… 🙂

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