A Moving Experience: Part Two

In every move there is the physical side and the emotional side. Physically you are dealing with the logistics of the packers, the movers, the storage locker, what can’t be packed, where to put houseplants, pet relocation, etc. Even in a local move, the “to do” lists can be extensive. Then there is all the […]

A Moving Experience: Part One

It really happened. A large moving van arrived at our house the middle of June and the men loaded up what was left of our belongings after the two-day garage sale, the bulging boxes shipped to family members, and the donations. Then they took it all away. We moved. My guess is, you know what […]


Ah, spring! Time for tulips, green grass, baby calves frolicking in the fields, and spring cleaning! My husband and I have been in the process of downsizing for a while now (or “rightsizing” as we Baby Boomers prefer), so spring cleaning is sort of an ongoing thing at our house. I’ve had no trouble at […]

The Good News of Easter

This is how God showed his love among us: he sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.—1 John 4:9 How astounding it is that the good news of Easter is not just to bring us comfort when someone we love dies, or when we ourselves are preparing […]

New and Improved?

I realize this blog post may guarantee my listing on the “greatest geezers of all time” list, but write it I must. Has anyone else noticed that progress isn’t always, well…progressive? Just because something is new on the market doesn’t necessarily make it better or more useful than something that has existed for a long […]

Letting Go of Luggage

I have difficulty emotionally letting go of both cars and luggage. Once I’ve driven a car for 8 or 9 years and it has taken me safely wherever I wanted to go, trading it in seems like such a betrayal. Likewise, it’s hard to let go of a suitcase that’s collected memories like the stickers […]

Christmas Tears

What is it about this season that has us gazing at blurry Christmas lights as we fight back tears? Or digging through our purse for a tissue as we let them flow? There are many reasons for the feelings that fall from our eyes this time of year. Many of them joyful. My granddaughter Amanda […]

Fall Gardens

Before last week’s brutal cold and snow, my husband and I busied ourselves getting the gardens ready for winter. I was reminded of a Back Porch Break classic column from 19 falls ago: Sometimes the simplest tasks can bring unexpected rewards when we have the time to do them consciously. I’m reminded of this as […]

Meet Author Norma Gail

I’m pleased to introduce my readers to another Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas author, Norma Gail. Her romance novel, Land of My Dreams, may be just what you need to escape the hectic pace this holiday season! I enjoyed reading about her journey as a writer and trust you will too. How and when did […]

Blogger’s Block

The photo says it all. Beau and I have both been staring at the computer screen for some time now, but no blog posts have magically appeared. Writing coaches always say the best way to break through writer’s block is just to begin writing. Begin scribbling. Begin doodling. Just begin! So with that in mind […]