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Take My Hand Again

A Faith-Based Guide for Helping Aging ParentsTake My Hand Again - Nancy Parker Brummett

The change in roles when adult children must begin caring for their aging parents is confusing and daunting. Those who wish they had a good friend or neighbor who traveled this path before them will find this companion guide especially helpful. Addressing the difficult decisions adult children face when they must intervene in a parent’s care, Take My Hand Again includes an overview of common care options and questions to ask—of professionals, of prospective care facilities, and of the aging adults themselves. Readers will find much-needed hope and encouragement from real-life stories sprinkled with humor and relevant Scripture that give valuable insight into the challenges of the aging process. This book provides practical help for every step of the caregiving journey. (Kregel Publications, 2015.)

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The Hope of Glory

A Devotional Guide for Older AdultsThe Hope of Glory FRONT Cover

The Hope of Glory is a devotional guide with 57 lessons for older adults and those leading weekly devotionals in retirement homes, assisted living residences, skilled nursing facilities, senior centers, or Sunday school classes. These time-tested devotionals will restore a sense of purpose and instill the Gospel message of hope in you or the older adults you know and love–as they remind us all of who we are in God’s eyes: not old and useless, but men and women created in His image who still have a life to live, a story to tell, and a future of eternal glory! For individual or group use. (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, 2014.) Volume Two will be released from Ironstream Media in February, 2022.

Now available in print or eBook formats from Amazon. Winner of an Illumination Book Award for exemplary Christian books.

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Pobody’s Nerfect

Featuring Farley the Technicowlor Calf

Pobody's NerfectIn Pobody’s Nerfect, Farley is a young calf born with colored spots instead of black and white spots like all the other cows. He’s sad about his differences until he finds out that his friends really like him best just the way he is! Originally published in 1991, this beloved children’s book (for ages 4 and up) is back because of requests from young parents who remember the book from their childhood and want it for their children. Words by Nancy Parker Brummett and pictures by Kristin Kennedy. 24 pages. (Current USA, Inc., 1991, 2013.)

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Reconcilable Differences

Two Friends Debate God’s Roles for Christian Women

Reconcilable DifferencesWritten with co-author Alice Scott-Ferguson, Reconcilable Differences presents honest answers to 25 perplexing questions that women ask, such as: Must a wife submit to her husband? What is a woman’s role inside the church? Can a Christian be a feminist? Writing from the complementarian (Nancy) and egalitarian (Alice) viewpoints, Nancy and Alice disagree in a spirit of love and unity that leads readers toward forming their own beliefs about these important issues. (David C. Cook, 2006.) Winner of an Illumination Book Award for exemplary Christian books.

Nancy and Alice met in a writers’ group and developed a love and respect for one another before discovering their opposing views about the roles of  women.

Simply the Savior

A Woman’s Search for Simple Joy

Simply The SaviorRelying on what Jesus taught about simplifying life for guidance, this book helps the reader move from a fast-paced, hectic life to one filled with simple joy. Only Jesus can help you choose priorities with eternal significance, command the storms crashing in on you to be still, and keep you from yearning for more than you have…more than you need. 15 short chapters with titles like: Simply Believe, Simply Trust, Simply Love, and Simply Abide make Simply the Savior perfect for personal devotion time. Also available in German. (David C. Cook, 1998.)

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It Takes a Home

And Other Lessons from the Heart

It Takes a HomeParents want to build strong families and raise responsible, Godly children, but they often don’t have the tools they need. The “village” confuses them with an overload of misdirected advice. It Takes a Home provides real life lessons and experiences, as well as guidance from trusted experts. The questions labeled “Homebuilders” at the end of each chapter further lead parents, especially moms, to think carefully about their roles and the power they have in their homes to truly make a difference. Written with compassion and humor. (David C. Cook, 2000.)

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The Journey of Elisa

From Switzerland to America

Journey of ElisaBased on the true story of an immigrant family, The Journey of Elisa is a story of faith in the face of adversity for readers 8-12. In the story, Elisa travels with her family from Brazil, where her father is Swiss Consul, to Tennessee. The family endures tragedy and their faith is tested, but Elisa learns that even when we suffer great loss, our faith and God’s love comfort us and give us hope. Based on diaries from Nancy’s great-grandmother. Also available in French. (David C. Cook, 2000)

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Titles may be out of print at any given time but should still be available through retail bookstores,,,, or from the author.

Nancy Parker Brummett also wrote or contributed to:

  • New Testament for Women (International Bible Society, 1997)
  • Walk with Jesus (Publications International, 1999)
  • Prayers for Good Times and Bad (Publications International, 2000)
  • Prayers for Life (Publications International, 2002)
  • HUGS Bible for Women (Thomas Nelson, 2008)
  • A Woman’s Daily Prayer Book (Publications International, 2011)
  • Prayers for Every Day (Publications International, 2011)

From 1982 until 1992, she wrote over 20 children’s books for Current, Inc., under the names Nancy P. McConnell and Nancy P. Brummett. These are now out of print, but some of the best selling titles were:

  • Different & Alike
  • Young & Old Alike
  • The Gingerbears’ First Christmas
  • The Gingerbears Save Christmas
  • Angie’s Heavenly Journey
  • Pobody’s Nerfect
  • Dusty D. Dawg Says NO