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Dear friends, I honestly don’t expect to become rich and famous from these two books, but I know from feedback I’ve gotten from those who have used them that they meet definite needs. Therefore I’m trying to do everything I can to get the word out about their availability. If you know anyone caring for an older adult, or working in eldercare or care giving, please share this blog post with them. Thanks so very much.

The Hope of Glory FRONT CoverTHE HOPE OF GLORY is a devotional guide for older adults that brings a message of eternal hope as it reminds seniors who they are in God’s eyes: not old and useless, but men and women created in His image who still have a life to live and a story to tell. The 57 time-tested, interactive devotions (5 are for special holidays) are designed for:
» Seniors 65 and over.
» Group classes in Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Communities, Senior Centers, and Church Sunday Schools.
» Meaningful one-to-one visits with older adults.

Published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, 2014. 294 pages. Winner of an Illumination Book Award for Excellence in Christian Publishing. Available in print or electronic form from,

Take My Hand Again - Nancy Parker BrummettTAKE MY HAND AGAIN is a faith-based guide for helping aging parents. The change in roles when adult children must begin caring for their aging parents is confusing and daunting. Those who wish they had a good friend or neighbor who traveled this path before them will find this companion guide especially helpful. Take My Hand Again includes an overview of common care options and questions to ask—of professionals, of prospective care facilities, and of the aging adults themselves. Readers will find much-needed hope and encouragement from real-life stories sprinkled with humor and relevant Scripture that give valuable insight into the challenges of the aging process. This book provides practical help for every step of the caregiving journey. Assisted living facilities find it helpful to give a copy to each family that comes to them for help.

Published by Kregel Publications, 2015. 224 pages. Available in bookstores or online at or

profileABOUT THE AUTHOR Nancy Parker Brummett is the author of six books. Her writing and speaking ministries now focus on older adults and those who care for them. Nancy journeyed with her mother and mother-in-law through their adventures in aging and holds a professional certificate in gerontology. The Hope of Glory is a collection of lessons she wrote while volunteering to lead a devotional hour in assisted living. Take My Hand Again is based on her personal experiences, interviews with others in caregiving roles, and relevant research. For more information on Nancy’s life and work, or to schedule her to speak, visit her website at or find her on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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  1. Elizabeth Van Liere says:

    Will do, Nancy, if I learn of someone caring for an elderly person. So far my friends (my age) are holding up well. I have a copy of your book which I have read and which I want my daughter to read. Afterwards I’ll put it in the church library. I also plan to get a second copy for our Montrose public library because it is indeed a helpful inspiring book.

  2. Nancy, each afternoon from 1:00-2:00, to give my former history teacher (now 88) a free hour to run errands and walk on the jogging path near the school, my mother’s caregiver invites his wife to “visit” my mom. Mrs. Smith’s Alzheimer’s is progressing quickly, but she and my mom will share “tea and cookies” and smile, even though they don’t remember each other now. Mrs. Smith saw the copy of THE HOPE AND GLORY I left with Mom’s caregiver to continue reading when I’m not there, and her favorite lessons to have read aloud are #45-49. Your book is making a big difference.

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