Who Comes to Book Signings?

Book Signing 1-19Unless you are John Grisham or on trial for murdering your spouse with a dull spoon, the answer to the title question is “not many people at all.” Only a few times in my twenty plus years as an author have I had actual lines forming to obtain my signature, and then only when I’ve had a chance to speak first. But regardless, I packed up my low expectations and gratefully accepted an invitation to have a signing at the Barnes & Noble in Pueblo, CO, recently.

Was it a wasted afternoon? Not at all. How encouraging it was to walk in and see two of my titles, Take My Hand Again and The Hope of Glory, all piled up and waiting on a cloth-covered table by the door. Friendly employees offered a comfortable chair and any assistance I needed. Then I sat expectantly.

I did think most visitors to my table would be human, but was delighted when the first one to show any interest at all was a young golden doodle. She didn’t want to read the books, but didn’t chew on any either, so that was good. I loved seeing her pink bows.Book Signing with Dog 1-19

At one point in the afternoon I thought I should check to see if someone had posted a sign on the front of the table reading, “Leave your best advice here.” First a gentleman stopped to peruse my books, then looked at me and asked, “Are you a Christian lady?” “Yes, I am,” I replied. “Well, do you know what EGO stands for?” he asked. “Edging God Out. We all have the power of the Holy Spirit in us but we don’t always tap into it because of our egos.” I agreed with him and he wandered off.

Next I was approached by a woman who also took the time to look at both books before offering, “Life’s a journey. We shouldn’t focus too much on the past or we’ll miss the present and the future.” Good advice, that.Book Signing rear view 1-19

The two visitors I enjoyed the most, however, were two older ladies who wandered by looking for a place to sit while their families shopped. I was happy to stand for a while, and they were happy to sit and visit.

The first woman, Faith, had owned an independent bookstore in Pueblo for years before retiring in her eighties. She cheerfully predicted a swing back to a preference for hard cover books, and her parting advice was that whatever our political persuasions, we should all write Congress hand-written letters—“the only ones that make a difference!”

And then there was the guest that made the whole afternoon worthwhile. Sadie accepted my offer of the chair as soon as she entered the store with her husband, daughter and son-in-law. “I don’t know why,” she said, “but when you turn 90 things just start going to pot. My feet hurt and I can’t shop like I used to.” Over the 30 minutes or so she kept me company, we shared details of our lives. She told me she was born in the US but raised in Mexico, returning to Pueblo in the Seventies. She and her husband of 72 years have 10 children, 30 grandchildren, and wait for it, 94 great and great-great grandchildren! I sheepishly told her that my first great grandchild was due any day.Book Signing with Sadie

Sharing that she couldn’t read my books due to macular degeneration, Sadie said, “I accept whatever the good Lord sends, but sometimes it makes me sad.” It made me sad, too.

While Sadie was sitting in my author chair, a young woman and her family entered the store. “Grandma!” she exclaimed. “What are you doing here?” Sadie rose to give hugs punctuated with kisses on both cheeks to the girl, her husband, and her son. They went off to shop. Sadie sat down, turned to me and said, “I know that’s one of my granddaughters, but I can’t remember her name.” Understandable. When Sadie’s daughter came to reclaim her, she cleared up the confusion. I got a Sadie hug, we said our goodbyes, and they left.

I did sell two books to other shoppers that afternoon, but driving home I realized that the Lord hadn’t sent me there to sell books, just to remember why I wrote books for the elderly and those who care for them in the first place. It was an afternoon well spent…and a success in that not a single person asked me if I knew where the bathroom was.

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  1. Mike Chapman says:

    Nancy, you are so funny! Thanks for sharing this, and sorry you didn’t sell more books or garner more interest. As you said, though, God had other plans. Miss you both!

  2. Thank you, Nancy. You and that elderly lady have much wisdom!

  3. rolle walker says:

    Nancy, you should do more book signings to experience more pearls of wisdom first hand. Awesome story! There’s nothing like engagement when no one is looking at the clock. I savored every line. What if you took Jim next time?

    • He didn’t want to spend all day in Pueblo since I also had a women-only speaking event that morning! But he’s been to his share! Thanks, Rolle!

  4. Book signings rarely sell books, but always encourage Nancy to keep touching lives, one at a time.
    Love you, Your Huzzband

  5. Nancy, I love your poignant and lighthearted taking us on a personal excursion into your book signing. I too have learned far more from the PEOPLE I meet during book signings than the PAY monetarily in sales. Thanks for being available and flexible to be Jesus to everyone He brought into B&N for you.

  6. Pat Scott says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful post. It was as if we were face-to-face again, sharing a sweet experience. One of these days I plan to write a book and have book signings to which no one comes myself! LOL

  7. Jan Keller says:

    Jesus brought the people to your book signing who He knew would benefit from time with you … and Him! I love how you are such a faithful light and witness!

    • Gosh, Jan, thanks. I wish I could say that was always true, but the Lord does like to keep me humble. It seems that’s when I am of the most service to the Kingdom! 🙂

  8. Peggy Ellis says:

    I once went to a book signing for a friend and was the only one who approached her table. She let me know in a subtle way that my hanging around hindered others. I promptly found reason to leave.

    • Ha! Wishful thinking on her part, Peggy! Friends help when it’s a new release and they haven’t bought it yet! They can even say, “Are you really the author….!”

  9. Elizabeth H. Van Liere says:

    Yup. I agree, Nancy. Took part in a few. Most people picked up a Tootsie Roll from the basket on the table, said Thank you, smiled and walked away. Got to meet a couple of the other authors at the other tables.
    Nice you got to go one-on-one with a few of the elderly ladies. Wish I could have been one of them. Love to you from me, Betty

    • Tootsie rolls! I knew I was missing something, Betty! The only problem is I would have eaten most of them out of boredom. We DO need to visit soon! Hugs.

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