Falling for Fall

IMG_2606Fall is here in all its glory. With each leaf that swirls and floats toward the ground, I’m reminded of what a wonderful time of year this is to make a change. Whether the change is monumental or so small only you know the difference, it can have lasting benefits. Here are some fall-inspired ideas to get you started:

Fall in to a recliner and just relax for a change! Watch some football. Make sure there’s a big bowl of popcorn within reach. If you really must feel more productive, add a holiday craft project to the game plan. But if you just want to sit and watch football, do it guiltlessly. Football has value beyond the entertainment it provides; the NFL donates a lot of money to charity!

Fall out of bed a half hour earlier and take a walk around the block. Soon you’ll be buried under a comforter listening to announcements of wind chill factors and school closings. Take advantage of the cool, crisp mornings to clear your head…and work off some of the popcorn you ate watching football.

Fall in to a huge pile of leaves and just lie there looking up at the blue sky and cloud formations. No leaves in your yard? Show up at a friend’s house with a rake and volunteer to help for the pure joy of having a pile of leaves all to yourself. (Don’t pick your over-achieving friends. They won’t understand.)

Fall in love. If you’re married, fall in love with your spouse all over again. Taking five minutes to make a list of things that first attracted you to him or her is a great place to start. Focus only on those things for a week, and before you know it, you’re head over heels again. No love interest at the moment? Fall in love with an adopted kitten or puppy. Their love is unconditional, and they’ll always be around for a snuggle on a blustery evening.

Fall out of line. I’m not recommending anything illegal or immoral, just out of the ordinary. Take a new route to work. Shop at a different grocery store. Read a book by an unknown author. Be less predictable. No one will really care, and you may find out you’ve been in the wrong line anyway.

Fall in over your head. Immerse yourself in something you’ve only dipped a toe into until now. Maybe it’s a dream, a relationship, a foreign language, or a career you’ve wanted to pursue. Fall is a great time to dive in fearlessly.

Fall out of your comfort zone. Reach out to those less fortunate, less recognized, less socially desirable, than most of the people you know. Do at least one thing to make the world a better place.
It’s fall…time to make a change for all seasons.

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    Nice you mentioned the NFL donates a great deal to charity. Our son-in-law was with the NFL for 11 years and we learned a great deal about so many of their charitable contributions, it is a very generous group of people year around.

  2. Great blog Nancy!! I have “fallen in over my head” in taking a class in November for which I must do 30-40 hours prep during this so very busy fall ministry season. And I am loving it!!! It is good to be stretched, your blog affirmed my decision! 🙂

  3. alice scott-ferguson says:

    love Fall…no leaves in Arizona, but relishing the out of doors again! So agree with you; i have always found this season much more conducive to making and executing resolutions than January! Thanks again for pleasant, pragmatic, winsome, wisdom my friend!

  4. Nancy, I loved Falling into this essay! So many wonderful, calming, enjoyable suggestions, but the Aha! line for me was the possibility of finding out I’ve been in the wrong line! Wonderful! Thank you.

  5. Jimmie Bohannon says:

    Good one…i am just trying not to “fall down” learning to play pickle ball!!

  6. Betty Van Liere says:

    Nancy, a great piece once again. BUT…Fall into a recliner? Do that constantly. Fall out of be earlier? Lucky if I sleep that long. Fall into leaves? No longer rake leaves. Fa;ll in love? Hmmm. Fall out of line? Too late at my age.
    Drive in fearlessly? My kids only let me drive in Montrose. Fall out of my comfort zone? Too late. I’m stuck.

    Just kidding, Nancy. I love your blog.

  7. LOVE your poignant perspective on all things fall, Nancy. Such great inspiration to keep “falling” forward/.
    Thank you for your wisdom and admonitions.

  8. Love the popcorn! LOL
    Thanks for another GREAT column!

  9. Susie Walker says:

    Nancy this is a great blog. Here in Tennessee we have millions of visitors to see the leaves that do eventually “fall” and with every changing season we enjoy there is an extreme in each. Thank you for a new perspective . Fall is my favorite time of the year.

  10. I love this! The Young family is so proueics to me! She was a beautiful woman inside and out and now she is with her Maker and Father and Best Friend in Heaven! All joy now!

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