Savoring Summer

Funny little girl swims in a pool in an yellow life preserverWhy is it that even though summer days are longer in terms of sunlight, they seem to slip by so much faster than winter days? Each year it seems like summer is gone before I’ve fully embraced it, leaving me to say, “But wait! I was going to go to the pool more. Hold on! We didn’t go to any summer concerts under the stars!”

Summer won’t wait. While we still have some of it left, let’s get serious about savoring every single bit of summer we can salvage! Here are some things I still want to do. How about you?

Visit a farmer’s market. Even if you’re traveling and can only pick up a few apples or carrots to snack on in the car, take time to stroll through local markets wherever you are and experience the sights and smells of locally grown produce, herbs, and flowers. I’ve been brought to tears by the sight of fresh green beans in Maryland and avocadoes in California. Add whatever you find at your local market to your family’s dinner menu. Fresh always tastes better!

Take advantage of free festivals, concerts or theater in the park, parades, and street performances. It only takes a little extra effort to log on to community websites and find out what’s happening where. A folding camp chair and cool beverage is all you need to add—but you have to remember to show up! Write upcoming events on your calendar and go.

At least once, walk through the grass barefooted. I don’t care how old you are, it’s not summer unless you’ve felt cool, damp grass between your toes. If you can run through the sprinkler, too, so much the better! The neighbors might wonder about your sanity if you don’t have any grandkids or neighbor children with you, but who cares? It’s summer, after all!

Find a shady spot and move a favorite chair into it so you can enjoy reading outside. Even better, plop down on a porch swing or hammock. Forget about the recommended reading lists and “must read” book club selections. Read something that relaxes you and soothes your soul. Doze at will.

Eat outside as often as possible. If bugs are a problem where you live, find a screened in porch. Whether the fare is grilled burgers or cool summer soups and salads, dining al fresco is what summer is all about. Don’t miss out this year.

Whether you take a vacation or a stay-cation, may you savor summer in a million little ways. If we love it while it lasts, the memories will make us smile during the winter days to come. Happy summer!

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  1. Great suggestions, Nancy. Especially the reading outside. I was reading in the back yard last night and looked up from the page to see two deer leap over the fence! Two males, and one was full grown with an amazing rack of antlers! My reading was over, but the amazement was just beginning as I watched them meander around the yard, munching on flowers and stripping the leaves on the ornamental plum tree.
    They knew I was there watching, but they seemed to shrug it off since I sat still and didn’t make any fast moves.
    Colorado summer evenings…ah, so wonderful.

  2. I can see them now! Thanks for sharing, Marylin. Happy rest of summer!

  3. Good one!! Just finished a walk with Ralph and met new neighbors!!

  4. Good for you!

  5. Kathy Fitz says:

    That’s why we come up to our lake – we do all those things with gusto! You are right – summer goes by so quickly we must try to savor it as God’s Gift. Excuse me, think I’ll go relax in my hammock! 🙂
    Love you-

  6. Dana Huskey says:

    I’m going to pitch my shoes the next time I go outside in the evening to water the flowers! 🙂 I’ve got one to add to your list, Nancy . . . . I long to take a large quilt out in our front yard on a CLEAR, starry night, spread it out and lie down and gaze up at the stars!!! . . . . and “listen” to the stillness with Clyde and maybe some grandkids! 🙂 Ahhhhh! Praise the Lord!

    Would love to see you if you come home to Tennessee this summer!! Blessings! Dana

  7. Thanks, Dana. And I love your addition. How fun!

  8. Betty Van Liere says:

    Thank you,Nancy for a lovely reminder of summer as it should be. The closest I come is our Senior brown bag lunches at one of Montrose”s wonderful parks–we have several. think I’ll call a friend, get a sub from Subway and go enjoy the outdoors instead of a noisy restaurant. Thanks again for the reminder.

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