Blessed by Bunnies

Bunny PortraitSince the time I was a very little girl watching them scamper around our grassy yard in East Tennessee, stopping only to munch on clover stems, I have loved those “wascally wabbits” also known as bunnies. In junior high school I actually raised rabbits, showing them in the Tennessee State Fair. I even served briefly as secretary of the Smoky Mountain Rabbit Breeders Association!

As Easter approaches our grandchildren know that the bunnies burrowed in storage bins most of the year will soon be hopping into position all around our house—joining the year-round bunnies on display. We have bunny bands, bunny families, and even an Easter egg tree with bunny ornaments. Bunnies, bunnies everywhere!Bunny band

Of course, as a follower of Jesus Christ, I know that Easter is only about His glorious Resurrection. It’s about how He came to earth to close the gap between us and His Heavenly Father. It’s about how believers can exchange a life of sin for an eternal life with God! I know all that to be true, and I’m grateful to my soul for the true meaning of Easter. I would never begin to idolize or worship the Easter Bunny, but I’m hoping it’s OK to adore God’s fuzzy creatures that dart across the path in front of me on my walks, stopping just long enough to twitch an ear or wiggle a nose in my direction.

Bunny FamilyI’ve learned a lot from bunnies—including the facts of life after I ran to my grandmother crying, “one of my rabbits is playing too rough with the other one!” In my book Simply the Savior, I wrote about learning to abide by watching the little rabbit that lived in an overgrown juniper at the end of our driveway. Every morning when I opened the drapes to look out she would be nibbling dew-covered grass. But if the golden retriever next door came galloping by, or the wind and rain came up, the little rabbit would quickly retreat to her bush where she was safe. Seeing her abide in the bush helped me understand how Jesus wants us to abide in Him (John 15:4).

Many authors have personified bunnies. I decorated my grandchild nursery in prints and fabric depicting Beatrix Potter’s beloved Peter Rabbit and his friends. One year I read the novel Watership Down, a fictitious account of life in a rabbit warren, while riding a train through the British countryside. Gazing out the window I couldn’t help but fantasize that the bunnies I was reading about were out there somewhere.Bunny Small

Yet bunnies are just charming, sometimes aggravating (why do they eat just one bite of each ripe strawberry?) creatures. I believe God made them in part for our pleasure, so let it be to His glory that we enjoy them at Easter.

Which leads me to wonder if bunnies could have been present at the Cross. When the ground shook and the sky turned darker than dark, did they scurry under a rosemary bush for protection? Maybe they also watched from a distance that bright, early morning of the third day as the women ran to the tomb only to find it empty. We can only imagine…and be blessed.

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful:
The Lord God made them all.
–Cecil F. Alexander


  1. We are all lovers of bunnies. First there was Thumper, he lasted about 4 years. Peter
    cottontail only lasted 4 days, likely sick from the pet store. Then came Licorice and Rosebud who ended up being Rosie Greer. Then we shifted over to Golden Retrievers, and Diana and family just got a new pup and I will meet Bailey before the end of the month. Happy Easter Nancy and Jim. This is my favorite holiday of all.

  2. Thank you, Nancy! I am a bunny fan too. I love your “bunny patch” home. The Velveteen Rabbit portrays a number of caring, Christ-like qualities. Thank you for pointing us to the Cross and the wonder of creation.

  3. Loved it, Nancy!

  4. Elizabeth Van Liere says:

    I put out a furry bunnie each Easter. I had bought two at the time, one for me and one for a friend who would soon leave earth for heaven. My bunnie is a reminder of her and of her heavenly home. Thanks for such nice Easter thoughts, Nancy.

  5. Nancy, bunnies make me think of spring and rebirth. Thank you!

  6. Jan Keller says:

    What a pleasure to indulge and read your whimsical, yet oh so meaningful, thoughts on Easter and bunnies!

  7. Charlie Fusco says:

    Precious bunnies do teach us much about God. My favorite Little Golden Book is Walt Disney’s “Grandpa Bunny”. Mine from early childhood was lost somewhere through the years, My daughter knew I loved it and for a handsome price found one she gave me some years ago on Easter. Every year since I have read it to my three grandchildren. Please do try to find one for yourself as it will be the centerpiece of your bunny love collection. You will find it especially endearing for those of us of a certain age who know God’s glories intimately. Wishing you a very joyous Easter dear friend.

  8. Kathy Fitz says:

    Thanks for helping us to re-focus on the good things in life, like bunnies, and other precious furry creatures that we enjoy! Also, to reflect on that life changing day, long ago, when our dear Savior fulfilled His promise to us so that we could know Him and eventually inherit eternal life thru Him, is always a joyous reminder! May your Easter Sunday be full of unexpected pleasures and Joy! He is Risen Indeed!

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