Strike Up the Band!

Yucca--singleWhenever I see a field of yucca plants in bloom this time of year it always reminds me of a marching band, each member stepping out in a tall hat with a plume on the front. Yucca plants thrive in dry climates and are drought-resistant, so unlike the wildflowers that would have preferred a rainier May, they are in their glory now in Colorado. Walking through Rampart Park near my house is like being at a band festival, with competing groups marching in every direction!

Yet on these competition fields a smattering of wildflowers has dared to pop up.Yucca in Rampart Park Three years ago when we moved to our neighborhood we had experienced a very wet spring, and the fields of wildflowers were breathtaking. This year I’m delighted with the occasional Indian paintbrush, cinquefoil, or wild penstemon.Indian paintbrush in Rampart Park

I know physical trainers advise clients to vary their workout routines, and many people besides Robert Frost extol the road less traveled, yet I think there is something to be said for taking the same walk through all seasons year after year. Doing so establishes a rhythm to our life on earth—and the heavenly delights we encounter along the way will always vary.Cinquefoil in Rampart Park

Now that summer is in full bloom, my almost daily walks through Rampart Park provide both the stability of the familiar route and the excitement of change. Which dogs will be at the dog park today, and will the dachshund and the German shepherd get along better today than yesterday? Has the black-tailed weasel returned to his hole by the sidewalk?

Baby rabbits hop away from my footsteps in every direction, pausing at the edge of their thickets as if daring me to see them before they dart inside. I love that they have a safe place to abide when the dogs come by (sadly some not leashed by their owners), and I’m reminded of John 15:5 where we are encouraged to abide in Christ and trust only in Him for our safety.Baby bunny

As I walk I can gaze across the valley to a neighborhood on the mountainside where I know a family I dearly love is stirring and getting ready for their day, and I send a prayer their way. I can check out the snow melt on Pikes Peak and watch for approaching storms. I can greet the neighbors and strangers I meet and exchange pleasantries to brighten my day and theirs.

But most of all, as I walk I can praise God for the glorious creation around me, and for my physical ability to walk through it and enjoy it. I promise Him I will never take my walks for granted, because I know too many people unable to enjoy such simple satisfaction. Maybe I stick to the same route, but every walk is different. And I am grateful. Strike up the band!

Like several bloggers I follow, I’m slowing my pace this summer. I’m hoping for one post a month, with a promise to step it up in the fall.

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  1. I felt like I was walking with you!! Beautiful!

  2. Jan Keller says:

    Your walk route sounds perfect … and perhaps a melody will come to mind that you’ll want to sing … and the band will play along!

    • Ha! I often sing praise songs, or listen to them on ear buds, but maybe I should hum some John Philip Sousa!

  3. Thank you for your beautiful reflections, Nancy.
    Last week I saw a deer in my backyard and had to chuckle when it hid beneath a tree during a light sprinkle. So much for being a “wild” animal.

    • What a sweet image, Sue. They can endure the weather, but I guess this one was smart enough to seek shelter!

  4. Thank you for this nature walk, Nancy. Your bunny photo is spectacular, and I know you love bunnies.

    • Thanks, Beth. True confession about that photo. My original was “over lit” by morning sun. Google photos gave me the option to darken it up. Fun stuff!

  5. Thanks for reminding us of the sheer beauty and satisfaction gained from routinely enjoying Gods creation and the people/furry friends he places in our path. Delightful!

  6. Charlie Fusco says:

    I just LOVED this phrase: “I think there is something to be said for taking the same walk through all seasons year after year. Doing so establishes a rhythm to our life on earth—and the heavenly delights we encounter along the way will always vary.” I go to Lake Monroe most mornings: have for years. Season upon season I am awed and inspired. It is the backdrop for a book I am just about complete. My writings are divided into seasons. Indeed, God has given us so very much that is praiseworthy. We know His love by the lavishness of His beautiful world!

    • Thank you, Charlie. And I’ll look forward to hearing more about your book. Wish we could share a morning walk!


    God has given you a gift of painting a picture with words.

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