I Was There

Near Freedom Plaza on January 5.

Near Freedom Plaza on January 5.

It was an overcast, chilly morning in Washington, D.C., on January 6th. My roommate and I awoke early and began layering up against the cold. A sense of excitement mixed with a touch of trepidation accompanied us to the metro stop a couple of blocks from our hotel. Once on the train we were greeted by other sleepy, coffee-deprived pilgrims on the same journey.

Just the day before we had walked the 1.2 miles to the National Mall to scope out the site for the Save America March to be held the next day. The crowd was sparse but we bought some patriotic hats from a vendor, attended a pre-event rally in Freedom Plaza, and sat on some cold concrete steps sipping soup from a fancy hotel offering Covid-friendly takeout as we watched the people stroll by—many decked out in red, white, and blue and carrying American flags. We eagerly anticipated the day to come.DC--me in hat

The next day as we approached The Ellipse, the circular park just behind the White House, arriving at 7:45 AM for the event scheduled for 11 AM, we saw a line miles long. We soon learned that those were the people who were waiting for admittance to get into the park where the stage was. They had to go through security, and it was obvious many had been there all night.

Realizing we were too late to make it into that inner circle, we joined thousands of other warmly dressed patriots in the field between the White House and The Washington Monument. We were able to position ourselves within sight of a big screen but never saw any of the speakers live. By the time the rally began, I could see people clear to the horizon in every direction. Every road leading into the area was packed with people who obviously stood in the cold for three to four hours without being able to hear or see anything. The media estimated 30,000 in attendance, but as Trump often said at his rallies, if only they would turn their cameras around to show how many people were really there. Maybe 30,000 were in the inner circle, but I’ve heard the total estimated as high as two million. I feel more than safe settling on a million plus.

DC--Save America MarchThe hours went by fast even though we were stomping our feet to stay warm. We chatted with the people closest to us and found out they were from California, Wyoming, Ohio, New Jersey, and many other states. It was a crowd of all ages, all races, and all socio-economic groups. I saw an old woman on a walker and more than a few babies in strollers. A young man on crutches was right in front of me. A dad handed his cell phone up to the young daughter he’d hoisted onto his shoulders and then turned slowly so she could capture the scope of the crowd on video. “Wow! Wow!” she kept saying over and over. Teenage boys climbed some of the tall trees near us in order to see better. Our section of the crowd laughed together when one of them with a bullhorn kept repeating, “Jason, come to the big tree!” Jason didn’t have a prayer of finding his friends. There were a lot of big trees!

Finally the event began. I wish I could tell you what it felt like to be in a crowd of a million patriotic Americans saying the Pledge of Allegiance and singing all the words to the National Anthem. When a pastor began the invocation I bowed my head and looked down at my feet amazed that I was really there, standing on that one square foot of earth in my nation’s capital. Standing up for freedom of speech and the electoral process. Standing up for my country.

All I can tell you is that this was the most peaceful, polite, respectful crowd I’ve ever been in. Not once was I so much as jostled or bumped. At one point my friend’s back was hurting because we’d been standing for so long, so she went down on one knee. A woman near us handed over a bottle of ibuprofen and a young man behind me passed up a bottle of unopened water. That’s the kind of people we were with. We had sacrificed time and money to be there, yes, but gazing across that crowd I realized many of them had sacrificed much more—possibly driving for days. These were all good people concerned for the future of their country.

DC--March to Save America 1As the strains of Lee Greenwood’s “I’m Proud to be an American” filled the air we focused on the screen and saw President Trump take the stage. He didn’t wear a MAGA hat, just a long black overcoat and red tie. His mood was subdued, and he was visibly moved as he looked out over what he said was the largest crowd he’d ever seen. Like each of us, he was encouraged to know that so many Americans still believed in truth, justice and the American way! We collectively breathed in courage, and breathed out hope.

You can read the transcript of Trump’s speech for yourself. In no way did we feel that we were being incited to riot. Those who take such expressions from the President as “we must fight like hell” for the truth and call it insurrection must have been absent from school the day they taught the lesson on metaphors. He enumerated the facts proving the election was fraudulent, yes, but he encouraged the crowd to go to the Capitol by saying we should, “peacefully and patriotically walk to the Capitol and make our voices heard.”

In case you don’t know, Jan. 6 was the day Congress was to certify the Electoral College votes. Several key swing states had asked for time to re-certify their votes because they discovered irregularities that would change the election results. Vice President Pence could have granted that permission to those states but opted not to for what he said were constitutional reasons, which was his prerogative.

Many say Trump’s speech and Pence’s decision combined to incite the riot that caused the storming of the Capitol building that afternoon, but even the FBI has confirmed that the riot was planned far in advance and included instigators previously arrested at some of the riots of last summer. The riot would have happened regardless of what was said by any of the speakers at the rally we attended. Besides, it started well before the President finished his speech.

My strongest testimony that we were not incited to riot comes from the fact that after the rally my friend and I began walking up Constitution Avenue toward the Capitol. At 68 and 72 there is NO way we would have moved in that direction if we thought we were walking into a violent mob. We walked about a quarter of a mile surrounded by other happy, celebratory rally attenders, but she was very cold. I convinced her we wouldn’t be able to hear what went on inside from outside the building anyway, so we popped into the nearest metro station and went back to our hotel to warm up. When we turned on the TV we couldn’t believe our eyes, because in our two days in D.C. we hadn’t seen a single agitator nor been afraid for one second.

By any account, the attack on the Capitol was horrible, incorrigible, and disgusting. It was surreal to see that was happening less than two miles from where we were, but we couldn’t watch the news for long because the commentators were all talking about “the rally that incited the riot.” We knew that wasn’t true, and we didn’t want to be robbed of our experience.DC--from Lincoln Memorial

The next day, my friend and I still wanted to do some sightseeing before heading to the airport. Our Uber driver took us to the Jefferson Memorial where we encountered only a few other people, no security guards and no park service employees. He waited to take us to the Lincoln Memorial where we saw more people but still no security of any kind. It was a crisp, blue sky day, and our nation’s capital city was as awe-inspiring and inviting as ever.

It’s taken over a month for me to be able to write about my experience in D.C. I guess I wanted to hold it close to my heart. I couldn’t take the chance that people would tell me I didn’t experience what I knew I did. Besides, the Lord has told me He’s more concerned about my being LIGHT than being right, and I didn’t want to stir up controversy. But when a friend told me she heard someone say, “You mean there were other people in D.C. that day besides the rioters?” I knew I had to share my eyewitness account.

Yes, there were other people there. So in the days to come as the media spin swirls around you, remember that there are still millions of Americans who seek and hold fast to the truth. Peaceful, law-abiding Americans. I know. I was there.

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  1. Beverly K. Jennings says:

    I love this Nancy, and love that you shared this experience! I KNOW in my heart that all of this chaos was a well planned agenda just like this ridiculous trial! May the Lord help this nation.

  2. Nancy, thank you for sharing your historic trip with us. I am proud to be an American and I am proud to know you! May the Lord bring truth and peace in abundance upon our nation and our lives.

  3. Elizabeth H. Van Liere says:

    Oh, Nancy. Thank you so much for overriding the bad publicity! I’ve been thinking so much on the verse, I John 4:4, “…the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” Amen!!

  4. Rolle Walker says:

    Right on! The Truth from your heart, Nancy. Stand and be counted, irrespective of criticism and ostracism.
    Courage! And here’s the higher road: Pray for our enemies and those who persecute us. It’s all about
    the individual’s accountability to Our Maker. Ya done good. Nancy. Your dear husband told me that. 💪🙏🏻🙌

    • Thank you, Rolle!! Yes, I’ve been trying to pray for those who orchestrated the hoax but it sure is hard, and I know Christians are supposed to DO, not TRY! Maybe later I can do it with more heart.

  5. Rolle Walker says:

    O, yes, how hard it is. I struggle over this.

  6. Jimmie Bohannon says:

    Wow what an excellent historical piece that you wrote. I know you will never forget what happened on that day and thank you for taking us there with you. Love you Jimmy

  7. Patricia L. Scott says:

    An excellent testimonial to the truth, well said and from the heart. I wish every American could read it with an objective, unprejudiced mindset–especially those who have distorted the truth so shamelessly for the past 5 years.
    We know that God allowed the Israelites to suffer at the hands of other nations when they turned their back on Him. I fear that is where our country is now, and those of us who believe must stand up for truth and righteousness just as you have in this piece.
    Thank you, Nancy.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Pat. Yes, I’m back in the Old Testament this year and I’m constantly reminded that what we are living through is just a “blip” in God’s overall plan, but it sure is a hard one to live through.

  8. Phyllis Murphy says:

    An unbelievable experience. You were there, you saw it all, heard it all, and remembered it all. I absolutely cherish your truthful report of that day in D.C.and will place it in my velvet-lined box of important words and memories. Thanks a zillion for sharing your experience. God certainly had a plan for you when H placed you there. Sending love and hugs.

    • You’re so gracious to me, Phyllis. Thanks so much. It took a while for me to get the courage to write it up but I guess the timing is right. God bless you.

  9. I heard his speech that day too.
    Like, Nancy, when he talked about “fighting like hell” I thought of the need we have to “fight for the right, with all our might. ” I did not think he meant insurrection. I knew he was disappointed, personally, but I thought he was talking about the long fight against corruption and injustice. I do not believe it was the intent of his heart to incite people. It is possible that victims of the arch enemy, “heard” it another way. Praise God for His protection and read Psalm 91 every day and night.

    God asked the devil where he had been and he replied: own the earth seeking whom he may destroy.” Job 1:7

  10. The conversation got cut short. We know God and that Satan intends to destroy all those God loves. Everyone!

    Satan is clever and those who do not know God, are not protected by Him, are threatened. Pray that DJT may stand firm in his faith in God. Believing in the goodness of God is our best defense. Truth. Love. Scripture Faith.

    • Yes! I prayed for him this morning. Now that he doesn’t have Mike Pence near him he needs other believers. Lord, send your saints!

  11. Tanya Weston says:

    Beautifully written, Nancy, and I thank you for it. Im proud of you for refusing to let the media’s falsehood steal your joy. A quote from Sir Winston Churchill also comes to mind: “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” God bless you.

  12. Cindy Penchoff says:

    As always, I love reading your posts. Thank you for bringing truth and clarity to what was publicized so horribly. I am so glad you were able to be there and experience this piece of history. What a blessing!

  13. Janice Keller says:

    Oh Nancy, I had no idea you were in DC on that day! I hope you knew, riot or not, so many others were there with you in spirit. Thank you for representing me that day … and so many others. With everything that’s presently going on, as Christians, we need to continue to hold President Trump and the Trump family up in our prayers. He, Melania and each of them did so much and endured so much … well, I simply can’t imagine what it was like for them each and every day of the last four years. I love you for your witness to the events of the day and for your willingness to share you personal account!

    • Thank you, Jan, and thanks for sharing the blog. It took a while for me to be able to write it but hopefully the timing was right. And yes, prayers abound. As Trump said in his farewell address, they did what they came to Washington to do, and so much more. Despite the efforts of others, many of the successes will remain.

  14. I’m SO glad you wrote about your experience dear friend. We must always hold to God’s truth that in the end Truth prevails and wins the day (even when it looks like it’s losing!)

  15. Robert McNab says:

    Thank You for sharing this experience.
    This should be a must read for all Americans because
    we need the truth.
    My best wishes –
    Bob McNab

    • Thank you, Bob. I know it was just my experience, but gosh. A lot of other people experienced the day as I did, too!

  16. Robin C Hill says:

    Many heartfelt thanks for this, Nancy. I have believed, in my heart, that the riot was staged and I have not and will not watch any related newscasts. You have confirmed my beliefs. I have been deeply concerned and saddened with all that has and is and apparently will continue with this fraudulently elected administration. I am so worried for our Sons and especially for our Grandkids, Stay well and safe and strong, dear, long-time friend!

    • Robin, I must have overlooked your comment before. Thank you for sharing your heart and echoing mine. Today I was thinking we’ll find out what really happened about the riot, and the election, right after we find out the truth about Benghazi, Hilary’s 33,000 emails, and the Steele dossier! I think that might be when we get to heaven though. Yes, old friends are best! Love you.

  17. Nancy, I’ve read over and over, so many stories just like yours! Thank you for sharing it. I always love to read your writings!
    Let’s all pray for America, Gods wisdom and truth to be known. 🙏

  18. Jean Bodman says:

    I’m so glad you shared all this, Nancy. Many thanks. It’s hard to believe what has happened since then, and I do hope and pray that truth prevails.

  19. Wow Nancy! So so good. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Dana Murphree says:

    I’m so glad you wrote about that experience. Loved your words.

  21. Kristi Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing Nancy! I still believe that we will make America great again!

  22. Dan Sherrod says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the real truth of the events of January 6th. I am so sick of the fake media spinning everything the wrong way. Really, really good!!

  23. Melissa Brown says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what protesters where trying to save America from??

  24. William Ross says:

    Nancy, Thank you for this. It was a beautiful account of a day you will always remember, but more importantly, it is an eyewitness account to counter the preconceived notions of those who value partisanship over truth. You have answered those who hear but never listen, look but never see, and who cling to their version of the truth in the face of unbiased evidence. In time, the truth will out, and it will be due to the consistent and purposeful witness of people like yourself. Well done my friend!

  25. Phyllis Smith-Turre says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I respect your right to your own choices & opinions, however, facts are objective & not subject to your interpretation. Your paragraph beginning, “In case you don’t know,” and ending, “his prerogative.” is not true. As of Dec. 15, 2020, every state had counted, recounted, completed court cases & certified their electoral votes. Their were a few Congressmen who were unhappy with the results & originally planned to object to the vote of 6 states when Congress met on Jan 6 to confirm the electoral vote. Pres. Trump insisted that VP Pence could overturn the election in his favor due to these objections. That was not true & VP Pence stated the fact that it would be unconstitutional, therefore he would not do it.
    You may want to check your facts.
    Stay safe,
    Phyllis Smith-Turre

    • Maureen Scheuer says:

      I agree with Phyllis. That paragraph was not written well. Mike Pence was placed a very difficult situation by Trump and then handled his job that day as was expected. Mike Pence and Trump most likely don’t have a relationship now. I wonder how Mike Pence feels about the evil that was displayed that day by Trump and by the rioters that were on their conquest to block the electoral process and to “hang Mike Pence”? It was a very sad day and people lost their lives. It was a good thing you went back to your hotel that day and then enjoyed the rest of your trip.

    • Hi Phyllis (and Maureen)! Yes, I could have stated that better. It was my understanding that there was room for constitutional interpretation but I have NO ill will toward Mike Pence which is what I tried to say. The protest was horrible, but already people are coming forward to say they were “paid actors.” Who hired them? I pray the truth about the whole day comes out. Please know that even if we’d gone to the Capitol, we wouldn’t have been part of any kind of riot. Good to hear from you!

  26. I agree with KAY Nicholas saw your words and shared the following:
    Thank you for sharing what you truly saw as an eyewitness . Your words mean a lot.

  27. Kathryn stewart says:

    Thank you friend for sharing your eyewitness account of January 6th. We have another friend who was there and her account is very similar to yours. I appreciate your courage to speak out against the narrative that is being pushed by the Democrats and the media. I love our country and I want it back!

    • Thanks for sharing that, Kappy. Sometimes I wonder if I dreamed the whole thing because our experience (and that of a million plus others) was so different from how it’s portrayed. Guess it was a dream turned into a nightmare, but by whom? I pray we find out but I doubt it.

  28. Nancy, dear friend, thank you for sharing your experience. I’m so happy to have seen this – a friend shared it with me on Facebook. If only our media could report things as honestly! Our country is in sad shape, and I don’t know if it will turn around. I am sick of politics and refuse to watch any news channel.

    • We are in the same boat with you, Lu! It’s so discouraging to turn on the news. We just have to hold fast to what we know is true and pray. So good to hear from you.

  29. Barb Coons says:

    What a great read, Nancy…I felt like I was there! I am so thankful that you shared this experience. It is not anything like we have been told by the mainstream media, and I wish it could be given a wider audience…(FYI: I’ve shared it with quite a few friends.) I’m really sad for people who are still being mislead by one-sided reporting, especially of an historical event of this magnitude. Praying that truth may prevail, and that all facts will be brought forth. “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence” by John Quincy Adams. God Bless America!

    • Wow, Barb, I love that quote. Thank you. I also pray for justice in our land. I suppose time will tell. Thanks so much for your comments.

  30. Nancy great post. Good to hear a first hand commentary. Not likely to get one from the MSM. Was really hoping you would wear your MAGA cap. I know you have one. I hope President Trump and Melanie feel God’s presence. God bless Kathryn Limbaugh. We will miss Rush.

    • Never had a MAGA hat and now I’m afraid I’d be shot if I wore one! Thanks for commenting, Mike, and yes. Rush was one of a kind.

  31. Michelle Wolf says:

    I never doubted from the get go what the rally’s intentions were. I would have loved to have been there saying the pledge of allegiance and singing the National Anthem. Seeing freedom ring is like a thunderbolt going right through one’s body.
    Most of the nation knows the truth and so does God. He calls for us to be patient, pray, hope and trust as he is doing his work for this country now.

  32. Finally getting through my emails and finding time to read your blog, and I’m so glad I did!! This so AMAZING Nancy!! So inspiring that you were there and I’m so thankful you shared your first hand experience!! Thank you so much for standing up for our country and sharing this wonderful story with the world!

  33. Nancy,
    I have finally just read your post and thank you so much for giving us your eyewitness account. You are the only person I know who was there, and I appreciate your sharing your experience so fully—especially after holding it close to your heart. I also enjoyed your post about walking today! I love, love, love walking!
    It’s been really wonderful seeing you recently. I’m glad that will hopefully continue!
    Love always,

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