Molly, the “Quiet Time” Cat

Molly on HassockOur cat, Molly, has what the local humane society calls the “personal assistant” purr-sonality. This means that whatever you are doing, Molly will be nearby just in case you need some help. Wrapping packages? She’ll gladly chew on the curling ribbon for you. Working on taxes? She’ll happily sprawl out over the paperwork on your desk or push ballpoint pens and paper clips onto the floor to keep you entertained. Just whatever she can do to help.

Unlike her boisterous brother Beau (also a cat), she doesn’t burst into a room demanding attention. Rather, she usually curls up just outside the door—an eavesdropper with whiskers. Whenever we have a group of people over, she’s likely to claim a spot under the coffee table as if she were an invited guest. She rarely gets close enough to anyone to be petted. She just wants to listen in on the conversation and stay nearby to help with any hospitality requirements.

Given all that, you won’t be surprised to hear that for years she has consistently joined me early in the morning during my quiet time. As I sit and read, work on a Bible study, or turn to the Lord in prayer, she just sits on the hassock in front of me purring softly. She’s rarely in the chair with me or on my lap, just right in front of me where she can be ready to help if needed, and where I can give her an occasional pat on the head or a rub behind the ears.

What is surprising is that recently she has come to expect that this shared time with me will happen on schedule—and to be quite demanding if it doesn’t! The coffee is set to perk at 6:30 AM, so if she hears it perking, and sees the sunrise, she knows I need to be in my chair in the living room. If I’m not moving in that direction, she now meows persistently outside the door of our bedroom to get my attention. After I roll out of bed, find my robe and slippers, and open the door, she takes off down the hall to keep our appointment with the Almighty.

Now wouldn’t you think that knowing the Lord of the Universe was willing to spend some time with me would be enough to get me out of bed? Shouldn’t it be enough that He who hung the stars and gives life to everything that has life may have something important to tell me? The answer to both questions is yes. Yet it helps to have a feline alarm clock.

And I don’t mind sharing my quiet time with Molly. After all, Psalm 150:6 says, Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. In this season of my life God is using this sweet little grayish cat to bolster my spiritual discipline. Her faithfulness keeps me faithful, and I’m ever so grateful.



  1. You had to know I would love this! Your kitties are my puppies:) And our Almighty God’s love is so sweet and faithful…. Continued “Quiet Time” blessings to you, my precious friend!

  2. Nancy,
    A delightful story of your spiritually gifted feline. And I love the application of Psalm 150:6.

    Thanks and blessings.


  3. Elizabeth Van Liere says:

    Love it, Nancy. We have two dogs that wake my daughter at 5:30 am. When she is gone for a weekend and they come into my bedroom at 5:30 I tell them, “Go lie down. It’s too early.” It works until 6 and then Bear, the little one, scratches on my bed until I get up. Once they;’ve been fed and gone outside for a bit I go back to bed until 7:30. They aren’t as tuned in to devotions as Molly. They just lie down and rest while I spend time with Him. Oh, well, that must be the difference between a sweet kitty and two take-it-for-granted dogs.

  4. Jan Keller says:

    Praise God from whom ALL blessing flow!

    • Amen, Jan. I’m just glad whenever I actually take the time to recognize one in my life–even if it takes her sitting right in front of me!

  5. Suzanne Surber Underwood says:

    Dear friend,
    How I do look forward to your “blogs” especially when kitty friends who you share your life are included. I believe that God has designated her as your punctual if not joyous prayer buddy. What a joy our ‘furever’ friends are and I thank you for sharing.

    We are as eager for spring as the birds are. Our winged friends have been singing up a storm while the early flowers too soon begin to bloom. Oh, I have sent this to my friend here in Paducah, Donna Worden to join your mail list, if that is alright?

    Thank you and
    God bless!
    Suzanne Surber Underwood

    • Hi Suzanne! Of course, I’d love to have Donna on the list. Your thoughts of spring make me long for a trip to TN or GA. I usually come in March or April to get my spring “fix” since we can’t plant flowers here until after Memorial Day. This year I’m not heading that way because my son and his family in GA are coming here instead. Oh well! Spring will arrive some day! Thanks for the comment.

  6. alice scott-ferguson says:

    happen to know this feline quite well…such a word picture, Nancy…you are masterful at seeing the majesty in the mundane!!

    • Thank you, Alice. Sometimes God has to put it right in front of me to get my attention, but I’m happy when He does! See you SOON!!

  7. Oh, I love Molly-the-personal-assistant cat! (It’s a good name for a beloved daughter, too, who has always been a big help, too). Wonderful connection to the scripture.

    • Thank you, Marylin. I was aware your daughter is Molly, too! Hope she won’t mind that we named a kitty that wonderful name! Bless you.

  8. Bernice Herrold says:

    I have a kitty named Buddie and he is my alarm also. Just in case the other one doesn’t go off–he is sitting on me waiting for my eyes to open or my hand to move!! Love those furry kids!

    • Thanks, Bernice. They are pretty hard to ignore, aren’t they? But it gets us up and moving in the right directions!

  9. Purrrr-fect inspiration, Nancy! I love our how pets know us so well, and yet God knows us even better. Thank you for this reminder that our consistency in meeting with God matters not just to Him or our own hearts, but also to our furry friends.

    • I can picture Logan on his bed next to the window while you are studying and praying, too! We are blessed.

  10. Nancy, your cat sounds sweet, but I am NOT a cat person. About a year ago I spent the night in a girlfriend’s guest room and awoke in the morning to loud purring. I opened the bedroom door to look at the cat, and she ran OUT from under the bed! If I had known she was under my bed all night, I would not have slept a wink!

    • I can so relate, Sue. I used to instinctively put my hand up to my throat when a cat entered a room because I was just sure it was going to go for my jugular! I was a big dog person and didn’t like cats at all. But then we had a mouse problem and my son talked me into getting a cat. Soon I was saying, “I still don’t like cats, but I do like this one.” Like most biases we have, exposure was all that was needed to change my mind!! I’ve had at least one, but mostly two, cats in my life ever since. I still love dogs, but cats are so much easier at this stage of life. If you decide to give one a try, I’ll help you pick it out!

  11. I cannot relate to to cats but I do know pets like a schedule and our lives are better because of it (we pay attention to their needs!) So…….we receive their uncondtional love exactly like God’s love. Love, Shar

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