Puppy Tales

My guest blogger today is Finnegan, a 4-month old Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix.

Finn3F-I-Double N-E, G-A-N spells Finnegan. That’s the name my family gave me when they rescued me from the adoption fair at Wag-n-Wash. My middle name is Tails because the adoption lady couldn’t decide which of two families to give me to so she flipped a coin. My human brother Liam called out “tails” and tails it was, so I got to go home with him and his family. I’m sure the other family was nice, too, but I’m very happy to be Finnegan Tails McConnell.

One of my favorite things to do is go on a walk. Someone named Grancy stayed with me and my human brothers while my human parents were away recently. When we went on walks she said I was a connoisseur of all of God’s creation. I don’t know what that means, I just know there is so much to sniff in this world!Finn1

My favorite things to put in my mouth are sticks and rocks, but everyone makes me drop the rocks. Sometimes I see a plane in the air, a magpie in the scrub oak, or a bunny crossing the road very fast. I’m fascinated by all these things and easily distracted by anything that moves or makes noise. I’m also very interested in the deer that come into our yard, but even better is the poop they leave behind! Deer poop is the most fascinating substance there is, but no one in my family will let me eat it for some reason.

Finn4I spend a lot of time in my crate where I can sleep or watch everything that goes on in my new household. When I’m out I get to play around the house with cool toys and my favorite thing: a plastic bottle. It’s amazing how easy it is to chew up a toy, however. They just don’t seem made to last. Grancy got me a Scooby-Do to play with and the stuffing is already coming out of it. Not sure how that happened!

I like to help around the house when I can. Once when Grancy was folding laundry, I grabbed a pair of underwear out of the laundry basket. Then I raced all around with it as fast as I could go! Eventually Grancy caught me and made me give the underwear back. I have to say she moves pretty well for a woman her age!

My day is made up of crate time, play time, walks, many potty breaks, and of course–meal time. I get fed twice a day and I never miss a meal. One of my favorite times of day is when I go to meet the school bus. I get so excited when I see my human brothers Peter and Liam get off the bus, and then we run up the hill to our house together. Finn5They play with me and try to train me to do things before it’s time for my afternoon nap. My other human brother, Jack, is good about taking me out for potty breaks late at night and sometimes takes me to visit his friends. Everyone says I’m something called a “chick magnet,” so maybe that’s why. I know my human sister, Ellie, thought I was pretty cute when she was home from college.

Well, that’s pretty much the story of my life so far. Finnegan, that’s me!

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  1. Finnegan, you are one adorable pup and you so blessed to have a Grancy who can move pretty fast for a woman her age! Woof, woof, welcome to so much love and attention. (P.S. I think God knew how to flip that coin to “Tails.”)

  2. Our entire family is smiling at your post, Finnegan, especially our Scout who is not 15 mos. and is also a connoisseur of all of God’s creation…and a free spirit runner who also loots laundry and makes it a game.
    Tails, it is!

  3. Nancy,

    When it comes to puppy love, I’m a late bloomer. Here’s my salute to the newest member of our family.
    Puppy Love!

    By Bob Kelly

    His name is Rocco, My, Oh My!
    How I love this little guy!
    I fought so hard, “No dog,” said I.
    That lasted till he caught my eye.
    Just seconds, that was all it took.
    Now he can read me like a book.

    What fun we have, just he and I,
    A treasured pet, a special guy.
    He has quite a lot to say,
    “Let’s take a walk.” “Come on, let’s play.”

    “I’ve done my business,” he’ll announce.
    “I’d like a treat.” Oh, watch him pounce.
    He’ll chew a slipper, steal a shoe,
    Those things that puppies love to do.

    But, over all, this can’t be missed,
    His Momma sits atop the list.
    When Fran shows up, he’s all aglow.
    He jumps around, puts on a show.
    She’s Number One, and that’s okay.
    She brought him from so far away.

    He’s made our home a special place.
    Oh, how we love that little face.
    Yes, Rocco is our fair-haired boy,
    And fills our lives with so much joy.

    • Wonderful poem, Bob. I can see how quickly you wondered how you ever lived without him. However, when I got home, my two cats seemed like the easiest pets in the world!

  4. Too Cute!! I bet you were glad to see that school bus, too!!

  5. Gay Hope Mayles says:

    Totally enjoyed Finnegan’s recap of his time with Grancy! I’ll bet after 12 days, Grancy is the one taking lots of naps and wishing someone would bring her food twice a day!

  6. kappy stewart says:

    This little guy is one cute puppy! I can see why he got chosen to be a member of the McConnell family. So he’s not only cute but lucky! You are a very special Grancy for babysitting Finnigan and his human brothers! And you lived to tell about it.
    Love you !!!!

  7. I remember well a rainy day many years ago when we were neighbors a few blocks away from one another and your two goldens were up on our street and I knew they were on a self designated exploring adventure. The main floor of our house at the time was tile and hardwood. I called the dogs, and they came sliding in a sloppy mess and decorated the entire surface of the main floor with the pattern of muddy feet everywhere. I knew you would eventually come and get them, and you did. I had to be a little nuts to let them in to destroy my freshly washed floors, but a dog lover is a dog lover. I am guessing Finnegan Tails belongs to Tim?

    • Yes, Tim’s! I loved Lady and Lad so much but evidently I wasn’t the most responsible dog owner. Sorry about the mud! 🙂 Fun memory.

  8. Elizabeth Van Liere says:

    Uber was the cutest black and gray Aussie pup when I found him in a free box at the grocery store. My daughter said, “What did you do!!!”
    I got even with her a few years later when she brought Bear home, a miniature brown older-than-a-puppy Aussie.
    Since Uber was already here, he is the Omega dog, and thoroughly jealous when pet Bear. …I’ve had a dog since I was a tiny tot and how I would hate to be without a dog!

  9. Thanks, Finnegan, for letting me know what Grancy has been up to lately! I bet she was as busy as you were!

  10. Jan Keller says:

    Love your guest columnist, FInnegan … and what a great name for such a sweet fellow! <3

  11. Peggy Ellis says:

    Finnian, you would fit right in here at Highland Farms, my retirement community in North Carolina. We have many four-legged brothers and sisters who are a constant delight. I’m allergic to animal dander, so I can’t pet these little friends, but do enjoy greeting them each day. I confess that I know the names of my furry friends better than I do the humans who share their homes.

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